Mary’s anguish

Some holy authors say that the blood and water which gushed forth from the side of Jesus was His Sacred Heart breaking as He looked upon His mother, helpless to console her anguish. The two hearts forever adjoined, for just a moment, experienced separation. And the whole earth quaked.

His Heart breaks for me

The Precious Blood which runs through Jesus’ Sacred Heart came first from the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He returned that Blood to her as she wept at the foot of His cross. Just as His heart broke for her sorrow, It breaks for yours too.

The language of love

Profanity is extremely common even with Christians. Yet is prohibits dialogue and conversation. The question persists: Do we speak with God and others in His language of love or in the profane language of the world?

The dance

It takes two to tango and too often we choose to ‘dance’ solo, absorbed in our opinions, agendas, and preferences. At other times, we choose dance partners which the world offers to us: ideologies, online personalities, fashions, beliefs, lifestyles. When we let go of these things, we become available to dance with Him who is the Lord of the Dance. Ultimately, isn’t this the purpose of Lent?


In Lent we are presented with the violence in the human heart contrasted to the love of Christ. Carrying Christ’s cross with Him, side-by-side, is a blessing. It is a passion of two hearts, burning with love for each other, manifesting in deep sympathy each for the other. Each unwilling to stop the suffering because it is necessary. It is through this suffering together that love deepens.