Building Capacity for God

When we stop caring about things that don’t really matter, we have greater capacity to care about those things that do, particularly the people who God has placed in our lives. And we become that ‘incalculable force” that increases the amount of good in the world. 😊


Jesus is perspective-bending. People ‘don’t know what they don’t know”; since no other perspective but our own makes sense to us, we have difficulty even acknowledging that another way of seeing exists.

The martyrdom of witness

These are turbulent times, leaving us shocked and seeking answers. Too often we seek those answers from popular social media personalities, hoping to find like-minded people and through them find grounding again. These range from openly communist Catholics to speakers leading followers into moral schism, all relying upon their own reasoning and pitching what sounds to be a logical ‘right’ opinion to be followed. But what does the Church actually teach? That the answer lies in our individual holiness not our logical opinion of the situation.

Our transfiguration

On the Feast of the Transfiguration, we are reminded to listen to Him. The daily Ignatian Examen prayer gives us an opportunity to learn His voice and recognize it in the small stuff of our life.