A reawakening

Parents are only capable of loving to the extent of their own brokenness. Too often having a child brings to them great fear and anxiety, memories of their own loveless upbringing and voices telling them they are worthless. They look at their child and believe the lying voice that says they are incapable of loving. Just like their own children, they want and expect a love that their own parent couldn’t give.

That is what God is for; He fills in the gaps. But He wants to do more that be a back-up plan for bad days.

Answering the Call of the King

“One whom God loves never passes away. It is not just a shadow of ourselves that lives on in Him, in His thought, and in His love; rather, it is in Him, as His creative love that we are preserved forever immortal in the totality and truth of our being. It is His love that makes us immortal and this immortality, this abiding love is what we call “heaven.”

Heaven, then, is none other than the certainty that God is great enough to have room even for us insignificant mortals.” (Pope Benedict XVI)

A monsoon of grace

It is God’s desire to cleanse us of sin today, not to shun us because of it. He has everything in place for us to attain eternal life in Him: saints in Heaven interceding for us, souls in purgatory praying for us, and a monsoon of grace raining upon us.

The family that prays together

Personal and family prayer, along with the Sacraments, form the foundation of love upon which family unity is built. Living our faith-filled life now becomes part of the heritage we pass down to our descendants. And as we prepare to enter the holidays, what greater gift can we give than the lived life of grace?