Joseph, Mary and Me

In 2006, driving south on the freeway, a vehicle three times the size of mine pulled into my lane and should have wiped us off the face of the planet. St. Joseph stopped them and saved our lives.

A mother’s love

It is not an exaggeration to say that there have been few times in history where our own holiness is so desperately needed. The way to Jesus is through Mary, and the moment to begin to know her is now.

To Jesus through Mary

Listening to a teaching by Fr. Robert Altier, I was struck by how Elijah and the ancient hermits were praying for the virgin mother of the Messiah to come. This devotion and dedication of one’s whole life to prayer for the virgin to come is striking. These hermits had the foresight to pray for the mother to bring their redeemer. I reflected on how blessed I am to already have her with me…


June is the month in which most graduations are held. As Catholics, we have another type of ‘graduation’ that typically takes place this month: priestly ordinations. The ‘accomplishment’ we celebrate is God’s work in their soul and their response to that. We look with awe at Him in them, knowing He did this for us. Our ‘graduation’ will be celebrated in Heaven and God has given us an amazing ‘program’ to get there: the sacraments and the spiritual life. However, our graduating is indeed gradual!