Penetrated by the Holy Spirit

The devil presents to us the false belief that we have previously had power and now are powerless. The truth is, of course, that we’ve not lost power because we’ve never had it. It is the power of God alone from whom all good comes…

Returning to the fold

It is Jesus’ desire that no one be lost from Him but, rather, that all convert and live with Him now and for eternity. He wants us to take part in His project: the salvation of souls. What stops us from bringing the lost back into the fold?

Remaining in the fold

Christ is our Good Shepherd and we are His sheep. Those sheep on the outskirts of the fold can easily stray, being separated from the very person, the shepherd, who provides for their existence. But those in the center of the fold remain close to the shepherd and have less risk of harm or being cut off from him. Am I willing to remain in the center of the fold with Him?