The human body, as well as the human individual, is now believed to be a means to an end rather than an end in itself. That ultimate end is no longer eternal happiness in God but, rather, emotional and carnal satisfaction in the present. The human’s consciousness is focused on what they are rather than ‘who’.

You and me in salvation history

Upon the birth of Jesus and thereafter, Mary and Joseph weren’t prepared for anything they experienced. Neither were the shepherds, the Magi, or even Herod. Each was going about their normal daily life, not realizing their own part in salvation history.

What part do I want to play in salvation history?

A change of seasons

It is autumn, a season unique in the variety and sometimes brilliance of colors seen around us. While this can be said of spring and summer too, those seasons reflect the burst of new life. Autumn, on the other hand, shows us the beauty in life matured.

So too with the cycle of human life.