Rightsizing life

Fear of the unknown is an instinctive reaction of self-preservation. There is no doubt it comes from our own psyche and often is inflamed by the enemy. Thus, fear is legitimate but never of God. It is opportunity to turn to God and follow Him, trusting He has a personal plan for our providence.

Journeying to the end

In recent months, many families have suffered deaths of loved ones. Some were expected due to illness or old age; others shockingly unexpected due to young age or good health. This is compounded by the global Covid-19 pandemic which has left thousands of deaths in its midst.

Part of our mourning is for the future we will no longer share with them on earth. Part of our mourning is also for our past and present; the unspoken conversations we never had but needed to. Remorse for things said that should have been left unsaid. By having these honest conversations with God, grieving is one of the greatest opportunities to experience Divine Intimacy.