The martyrdom of witness

These are turbulent times, leaving us shocked and seeking answers. Too often we seek those answers from popular social media personalities, hoping to find like-minded people and through them find grounding again. These range from openly communist Catholics to speakers leading followers into moral schism, all relying upon their own reasoning and pitching what sounds to be a logical ‘right’ opinion to be followed. But what does the Church actually teach? That the answer lies in our individual holiness not our logical opinion of the situation.

A New Independence

We need is a new declaration of independence. We need to stop making politics our god and instead make God our politics. As a society, we have lost our capacity for kindness. The gift of our faith is that it, and we, are the storehouse of kindness to bring to the world.


There is a movement that has rapidly overwhelmed our entire country: transitioning to a new sex, destroying their ensouled body, and falsely believing they are a new or better person. Despite 81% of Americans believing in God, society has lost its end-goal: Heaven. People today have lost that vision of Paradise. Consider the change that would occur if people had this image of Paradise in their mind.

Be change

We have become a society of people desiring to be cared for with complete “plug and play”-type answers for our needs. Suffering childhood trauma, a damaged self-identity, a contorted image of success and happiness, each person looks for truth from the very society feeding them lies but they find no answers. From this manifests violence seeping out of societal wounds in the forms of hostility, anger, and vengeance until in some souls it blows up into full-fledged massacres. Without God, all human remedies lose their purpose. The only way to transform this culture of death into a culture of life is to bring God back into it.