St. Anne, our holy grammy

Like any of our saints, Anne was a real person who now enjoys being in the presence of God in Heaven (Beatific Vision) and whom God has given to us to mentor, guide and protect. But of all the saints, she (and Mary) were likely the only ones to have cleaned Jesus’ nappy, and there’s got to be something special in that.

Learning from Mary Magdalene

The feast day of St. Mary Magdalene is upon us. Mary Magdalene is named in all four Gospels of the bible and is known to be the woman referred to at other times when not named. In comparison, the only other woman named so frequently is our Holy Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. What does the Holy Spirit want us to learn from the Magdala?

What Corpus Christi means to me (and you too!)

Jesus took on all of humanity’s offenses against God past, present and future, and atoned for us by His horrendous crucifixion. By His resurrection and ascension, He was enthroned as King over all of creation and brought our humanity, wounds and all, into the Trinitarian mystery. And now He wants to personally perfect each of us individually so as to join in union with God, which has always been our destiny.

The Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus

The Feast of the Precious blood of Jesus was established for all of Christendom to be the first Sunday in July by Pope Pius IX. However, its origin is in the scriptures and devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus goes back to the beginning of our Catholic heritage. The Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus is one of the most common devotions today. It is fruitful to meditate upon each sentence and consider what this means in terms of the personal love each person of the Trinity has for you.

And she said yes…

And she said yes…   Our Christian faith began when Mary accepted God’s call through its annunciation by the angel Gabriel. The Son of God became incarnate, and His project of our salvation began. This comes full circle in the Easter season, 50 days of...