From Faith Comes Freedom 

Every generation in every century has thought their battles against Satan to be the worst, and so too will future generations of the Church. And while God has won the war, we still must fight the battles to save souls. Let us not hesitate to call upon St. Joseph frequently as God has intentionally made him part of His providential plan for us.

Holy spouses

Tracing Jesus’ holy lineage, we find there is much to ponder in this union of Mary and Joseph as husband and wife. The Holy Family is not only the model for all families, the Holy Spouses are the greatest intercessors for them.

Our Pillar of Strength

In Mary’s life we see exemplified the beauty of all life from conception to natural death, a life grounded in family who came and remained together through thick and thin to the very end. She remains with us, her spiritual children, this very day unto our dying breath too.

Surrounded by angels

September 29 is the glorious feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael. Then October 2 we herald our guardian angels. Who are the angels, and how might our life change if we were to celebrate, and call upon, our angels all 365 days of each year?