Hearts sing of Christ our King

God is working in so many people’s lives right now. He has a special affection for those suffering, like what a parent feels when their child cries those huge alligator tears. It comes from a special space in His heart. And we all have a little of that in our hearts too, made in His image. What if we were to embrace that rather than suppress or avoid it?

A season of death? No, a season of life!

This triduum kicks off a month of recalling our loved ones who have gone before us. It is a time of remembering and of healing. At the surface, we sorrow for our loss of their presence in our lives. Underneath, we sorrow for all the important conversations that didn’t take place when they were with us, but needed to…

Yearning for the real thing

False visionaries abound in these difficult times. Imagine God standing before you with arms full of presents and offering for you to take any that you wish, as many as you wish. Yet you say to Him “not now God, I want to read this seer’s blog first” and turn away from the Creator and Sustainer of your very existence! What could be more offensive than that?