Kick Butt! The Quick Guide to Spiritual Warfare (Frontline Defense Strategies for Everyday Living)

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The forces of evil are upon us and Christians are sharpening their weapons accordingly. Because God is love, our best weapon is love itself. Every prayer for deliverance or cry for help is an act of love towards God and He reciprocates. Yet to benefit most fully from His protection and care, we need to understand why He permits the enemy to attack and how to respond. Exorcists confirm that the efficacy of liberation is effected by the person’s dedication to their spiritual life.  Kick Butt! The Quick Guide to Spiritual Warfare (Frontline Defense Strategies for Everyday Living) situates our lived experience of the battle within the context of its purpose and God’s will.

Kick Butt! is accessibly organized in three parts: background on the spiritual life and tactics to use against the enemy that bring us closer to God; an appendix of aids with a more precise explanation not often found in other books; and chapter notes providing theological context and resources for those wishing further understanding.   Self-publishing keeps price low ($2.99 Kindle/$6.99 print) making it available to Christians in nearly any circumstances.

In addition to personal reading, Kick Butt! complements other books on the topic, formations such as oblates, Exodus 90 and Ignatian retreats, deliverance work, ministry and pastoral work. Some exorcists teach that confession is the most effective form of deliverance; thus, Kick Butt! also partners well with The Life Confession: A Discovery of God’s Mercy and Love.

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