Celebrate families!

by | May 7, 2022 | Life, Work and the World

For many families, weekends are filled with tasks and chores, shopping and errands, commuting kids to games and parties, and some socializing for the parents too. Mass is squeezed into the schedule. Mother’s day weekend is the time of thanksgiving for one’s vocation as parents. Without the mother’s fiat there would be no fatherhood, so in that respect it is a celebration of family. It is an opportunity to be in awe of God in His creating acts as well as His presence in the family. Scale down the unnecessary activities, give mass its proper priority, and with a Eucharistic heart trust that love will prevail. 

We also should not be surprised that the SCOTUS draft decision (to overturn Roe vs. Wade) was leaked the week before mother’s day and that those who support killing babies plan abuses to churches throughout the country. In mass, men need to sit up front to protect the priest if needed, and sit near doors to prevent someone walking out with the Eucharist. Women too should keep a watchful eye—in our small church we’ve had 4 instances since January of people attempting to carry the Eucharist back to their seat and not consume it until asked to by our priest or women in the pew who were keeping their eye on Jesus. 

The most powerful protection, however, will be our assisting the mass with our prayers with a heightened intentionality and focus on the mysteries taking place. To that end, a reflection: Our personal history is a story of God’s love https://thefaceofgraceproject.com/our-personal-history-is-a-story-of-gods-love/

God’s blessings 😊




Image: Vidal Balielo Jr-Pexels

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