Lost Opportunity Cost

by | May 26, 2021 | Presence


Years ago living in Phoenix, it was an ordinary evening sitting on my couch praying the rosary. No special intentions, just doing the usual thing distracted as always in my prayer.

 Then Mother Mary took me by the arm and we were walking across the grass to a garden. Sitting on the concrete bench, the garden opened up to a vast setting of hills and valleys. The white brightness of God was atop the mountain closest to us, and on its hillsides were packed with people standing in His adoration. Robed saint-like people so many they couldn’t all be taken in visually. Looking into the valley below and around, the faces of souls filled in. And as I scanned each hill and valley, the faces of souls would reveal themselves so that all became this packed scene of souls praising God. Every time I looked at a mountain or valley, another would appear, and then another. It took some time to take it all in. It went on and on infinitely, and eventually the faces blended into the horizon. I kept looking but couldn’t see any further. 

That’s when my heart lurched, and I suddenly realized I didn’t want to be one of those guys way out on the horizon that could barely see God. I wanted to be on His mountain up close to Him! No way was I going to be stuck out there!  Eventually I was back to praying my rosary again, sure that I was going to try to clean up my act and be a better person. 

Reflecting upon this, I had been sitting on the garden bench arm-in-arm with the very person who could lead me to Jesus, who would bring me to that mountain. And I never thought to ask her. I did my usual thing: took charge of me and plugged forward rather sloppily. And like a good mother–surely a disappointed one—Mary let me and didn’t interfere. 

In business, we measure the costs of lost opportunities. In life, the cost of some lost opportunities are immeasurable. 

O Mary, Virgin Most Powerful and Mother of Mercy, queen of Heaven and Refuge of Sinners, I consecrate myself to your Immaculate Heart. I consecrate my being and my life, all that I have, all that I am, all that I love…

The reason I share this is because our relationship with Jesus and Mary needs to be more than simply using their name or eliciting their help in a flippant way. Consecrating oneself, one’s work, to them, is more than reciting a prayer. It requires sitting silently with them, asking the Lord as always to show you His perspective, see things from His view. Realize you are already resting in your Mother’s arms. Then shutting up and letting her do the talking 😊 

Do with me what you will, my Jesus. I deserve no other reward except Your greater glory and Your holy love.

As Mary leads us to Jesus, so does her month of May lead us to June, the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With Trinity Sunday May 30, Corpus Christi June 6, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Feast Day June 11, the whole month is particularly focused on the three persons of God. How fitting that Mary leads us to it! 




O Everlasting and Triune God, I consecrate myself wholly to you today.

Let all my days offer you ceaseless praise, my hands move to the rhythm of your impulses, my feet be swift in your service, my voice sing constantly of you, my lips proclaim your message, my eyes perceive you everywhere, and my ears be attuned to your inspirations. 

May my intellect be filled with your wisdom, my will be moved by your beauty, my heart be enraptured with your love, and my soul be flooded with your grace. 

Grant that every action of mine be done for your greater glory and the advancement of my salvation. Amen.[i]


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam 😊




[i] Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity from Catholics Striving for Holiness, Opus Dei.  https://catholicsstrivingforholiness.org/sundays-devotion-to-the-most-holy-trinity/

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