Saints in the family

Growing up in the stripped-down American church, we never learned about saints. So when the discussion came up recently, I could recall the thoughts that went through my own mind years ago when I was trying to understand why we pray to them. Back then, I didn’t see the point when all I needed to do was pray to God. But something interiorly would move me in me, and I knew that I was wrong on that…

Journeying to the end

In recent months, many families have suffered deaths of loved ones. Some were expected due to illness or old age; others shockingly unexpected due to young age or good health. This is compounded by the global Covid-19 pandemic which has left thousands of deaths in its midst.

Part of our mourning is for the future we will no longer share with them on earth. Part of our mourning is also for our past and present; the unspoken conversations we never had but needed to. Remorse for things said that should have been left unsaid. By having these honest conversations with God, grieving is one of the greatest opportunities to experience Divine Intimacy.

Give me a steadfast spirit, Lord.

Endurance. In it for the long haul. Every one of us can recall a goal we worked towards that caused much discomfort in the process—athletic event, work project, college degree. How difficult it is, however, to do so with our spiritual life in everyday living, especially in times of desolation. Perhaps it is because we cannot wrap our mind around the goal…