A change of seasons

It is autumn, a season unique in the variety and sometimes brilliance of colors seen around us. While this can be said of spring and summer too, those seasons reflect the burst of new life. Autumn, on the other hand, shows us the beauty in life matured.

So too with the cycle of human life.

Radical Solidarity

80% of marriages end up in divorce within five years of a child loss. Don’t become one of the silent sufferers, part of the 95% of parents who do not seek support after the loss of a child. And don’t be afraid to accompany others as well. It’s time to embrace radical solidarity.

Our Pillar of Strength

In Mary’s life we see exemplified the beauty of all life from conception to natural death, a life grounded in family who came and remained together through thick and thin to the very end. She remains with us, her spiritual children, this very day unto our dying breath too.