Metamorphosis or stagnation?

As the country prepares to come out of lockdown, I ask myself am I prepared? Has lockdown been a cocoon or a prison? Metamorphosis or stagnation? Re-entering the world, do I return to my old self or continue in this path of change God has led (or lured!) me into?

Our metamorphosis is the metamorphosis of the church. We are the change, and we must proceed with the daring birthed in Hope.

Our friendship with God can transform the world

The saints give us wisdom, guidance, mentoring, teaching and friendship. Yet sometimes at first glance this path of holiness seems unrealistic and unreal! And yet, as much as we can relate to a saint’s trial, it might still seem easiest to stay in our old habits because we are comfortable with those. Grabbing chocolate and an R-rated movie numbs the pain. But where is the Hope in that?

Freedom and Christian Duty

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the US suffered epidemic loneliness, depression, anxiety and suicide. We were arguably the worst-prepared for crisis of any previous generation in our history. When we help individuals to foster their relationship with our Triune God, a true relationship in which they take these hidden scars to Jesus to be brought up into His own five wounds, their healing will be the healing of our society. He is the only answer, and by duty we have obligation to make Him known to others.