GOSPEL REFLECTION: John 5:17-30 Healing on the Sabbath and the Authority of the Son

In tomorrow’s Gospel, God wants us to hear Jesus’ response to the Pharisees. Several times Jesus repeats ‘truly, truly’ which means LISTEN! What message does Jesus want me to hear?

That He is God’s only begotten Son and does nothing without the Father. He does God’s will. It is the Father showing the Son what He wants for us: healing, relief, love. New life.


Like the Prodigal Son, our own expectations become a barrier to both receiving and giving love. We expect others to love us beyond their capacity, their brokenness. And too often we don’t think about their similar expectations of us.

Choosing to Love God

A priest once explained why God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden. I hadn’t ever thought about that…why did God put something right in their face if Adam and Eve weren’t allowed to have it? The answer: it gave them the opportunity to choose to love God.