A priest once said “When Jesus looks at you, He does not see your sin. He sees through your sin to the images of God still remaining.”

St. Claude de Colombiere wrote “Men may deprive me of property and honour; sickness may take away my strength and other means of serving You; I may even lose Your grace by sin; but never, never will I lose my hope in You.” That is Divine Mercy.

The Revealing Nature of Resurrection

It is Easter, Halleluiah! Easter isn’t just a day; it is an entire season for us to rejoice with Him in our resurrection in Christ! Yes, He rejoices in us, in our smallness, our vulnerability, our fidelity through thick and thin. We pushed through Lent with steadfastness. Now is the season to think about how to keep that up, maintain Jesus in our heart despite the confusing world around us. He wants to help with that.


Just some thoughts to maintain in the stillness of this silent day, when all of creation is in quiet. Particularly poignant for our year of St. Joseph: “When embrace was done, Old Joseph said, “How is your Mother, How is your Mother, Son?”

God’s covenant fulfilled

Lent now comes to a close, and we prepare to embrace the Truth of our salvation, our redemption, as foretold to us in the Old Testament scriptures and fulfilled in Jesus Christ. How distant those ‘tales’ may seem to our current life, and yet some things never change…