The Pentecost of the heart

We entered the pandemic a world of consumerism, materialism, with all things disposable. Every means was available to have what we wanted, when we wanted, and no cost too high. The old norm of saving for a raining day became ‘buy now and pay for it later’. Yet we may possess something, but it isn’t ours until we pay the price for it.

Jesus paid the price for us so that God could possess us by us possessing more of Him within us. As He transforms us into Himself, we become vessels of Peace.

We think of peace as an adjective. Peace is a noun. It is a person, God. By our Baptism, we are daughters and sons of Peace. Mary, Mother of Peace, teach us to be receptive of Him so that, through us, Peace may reside in this world once again.

Grace happens

In an 1885 biography of Servant of God Mary Ward, Sr. Chambers writes of how she was filled with Grace. In the early 1600’s, women were not to be in public without a man’s escort, nor were they to speak unless spoken to. But Mary Ward could walk into a room of men in great dispute, and the entire room would still and calm in her presence. She was a vessel of Grace.

Can you imagine how life would change carrying that Grace into your family’s dinner table? Your workplace?

One in the same Spirit

“Jesus himself is what we call “heaven”; heaven is not a place but a person, the person of him in whom God and man are forever and inseparably one. And we go to heaven and enter into heaven to the extent that we go to Jesus Christ and enter into him. In this sense, “ascension into heaven” can be something that takes place in our everyday lives…” (Pope Benedict XVI)

The Fight in a Mother

The Fight in a Mother “Now we are going up to Jerusalem; and there the Son of Man will be given up into the hands of the chief priests and scribes, who will condemn him to death. And these will give him up into the hands of the Gentiles, to be mocked and scourged and...