Be change

We have become a society of people desiring to be cared for with complete “plug and play”-type answers for our needs. Suffering childhood trauma, a damaged self-identity, a contorted image of success and happiness, each person looks for truth from the very society feeding them lies but they find no answers. From this manifests violence seeping out of societal wounds in the forms of hostility, anger, and vengeance until in some souls it blows up into full-fledged massacres. Without God, all human remedies lose their purpose. The only way to transform this culture of death into a culture of life is to bring God back into it.

Upon His shoulders dominion rests

This week, we are celebrating the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. As a babe kings honored Him. As a young man all abused Him. And now He will take those wounds into Heaven with Him, dignifying our humanity. Christ the King takes His proper seat at the right hand of God the Father and, with a watchful eye, oversees His dominion.

Becoming living members of the Church

St. Robert Bellarmine differentiates Catholics who pursue virtue as living members of the Church, and those who do not as the wicked Catholics. The wicked “are like hairs or fingernails or diseased fluids in the human body”. The irony is that they believe they are saved from hell by meeting all their Church obligations…