Resolution: Becoming Authentically Catholic

The Christmas octave draws to a close, but the Christmas season continues. The new year is often a time for planning large changes in life such as a job, residence, or financial goals; pledges to improve health and wellness; plans for diet, exercise, and more recently Eastern religious practices such as mindfulness are common. Yet our Catholic faith has always provided the lifestyle by which we will best flourish because true flourishing only comes by ordering our goals towards God.

Perhaps the best and most proper New Year’s resolution is simply to become authentically Catholic.

The Night of Miracles

The one and very same God who built the mountains, anchored the seas, and lit the heavens with stars will be born this very night. Yet He, the light of Glory, hid His glory and became small. He did not seek fame nor act in grandiose ways. He sought to hold close those who will embrace Him in their heart.

The O Antiphons

When I attended mass back in the 1990’s, the song O Come O Come Emmanuel was sung at every mass during Advent. I thought maybe it was our pastor’s favorite Christmas song! LOL! I didn’t know then about the O Antiphons…

Waiting for the Immaculata

Waiting for the Immaculata “Venerable Fulton Sheen, delving deeper into the words of God’s messenger to Mary, explains to us that Saint Gabriel the Archangel is more profoundly asking, ‘In the name of God will you give to God a man; will you give to God this new note...